Mile after mile we burn through our running shoes and blow holes in our tires. Why do we do it?

I think it has something to do with ambition. Not the top-of-the-podium, win-at-any-cost kind of ambition. I have a hunch it's the unspoken kind, the curious uncertainty about what we are capable of. How hard can you push yourself, how much ground can you cover? There's wonder in chasing down that answer.

So day after day we lace up our shoes, knock the mud off our bikes, and keep searching.

Occasionally the path takes us to distant locations, our journey is bookmarked by periodic races and unforgettable events.

But most of the time our training is a routine, a daily challenge to put in the miles. We repeat the local trail from memory, every detail beaten into us from hitting the path in every weather.

What if there was a tool that honored that journey? A tool that didn't treat you like data? Would you use it?

A place where you aren't treated like a blip on some CEO's dashboard. Where you can represent your personality without the intrusion of advertisements? Why are we always asked to donate our personal profiles to data miners and eyeball counters?

I want to build something different. I'm jumping in tread first. There's plenty of work to do, many miles still to go. Please join me and let's see where this path leads.

- Adrian3