Analytics for athletes
who care about progress.

How hard can you push yourself? How much ground can you cover? Mile after mile you burn through your running shoes and blow holes in your tires in search of answers. What if there was a tool that honored that journey? Read more.

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Beautiful Maps, Charts, and Graphs

Training data gets compex if it isn't presented in a logical, simple, and elegant manner. Your growth as an athlete depends on your ability to understand your data, so you can't afford to analyze your workouts on websites that don't care as much about good design as we do.

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Athlete Profiles Done Right

Your Tread1st profile is a snapshot of your achievements. This is your training log, your historic race archive, your analysis tool, and your calendar.

You can view graphs of yearly totals or dig into individual workouts. Distance, pace, cadence, heart rate, power — if your device measures it, we help you analyze it.

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Dropbox Sync

Do you ever wonder what happens to your running and cycling data when it gets sucked into other websites? Could you reclaim your files if you needed to? Tread1st takes a different approach.

With Tread1st your files live in Dropbox. This gives you complete control to add, remove, backup, and transfer your training history as you see fit.

New: Race Trends

What if you could see a graph of your races plotted out over time? Now you can!

Race Trends (Beta)